Overview of User Records

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An active user record is required to login to Salesforce.  Active users count against licensing limits, while inactive users do not.  Records can only be assigned to an active user or a queue.

Freezing a user account will temporarily prevent a user from logging in (e.g. during a maintenance window, or if configuration prevents user deactivation).  Frozen users are still active, but they cannot log in.

Marking the user as inactive completely revokes access, and recovers the license(s) that user was assigned.  That user will not be able to log in, and can no longer be assigned records.

User records cannot be deleted, they can only be deactivated.

Freeze & deactivation discussed @7m51s

Every user must be assigned one (and only one) user license. This is their primary license.

Users can also optionally be assigned one or more feature licenses.

License usage can be monitored under Company Information.

Licensing discussed @1m30s

The combination of a user’s license(s) and permissions determine what data they can access and what actions they can perform within Salesforce.

For example, to create a campaign within Salesforce, the user must have the Salesforce user license (or similar), the Marketing User feature license, and the permission to create campaign records (discussed in Security and Access ).

Licensing discussed @4m45s


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