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Summer '17


This course will prepare you to successfully pass the Salesforce Certified Administrator Exam. See how compares to the official study guide.

What’s included in this course?

Currently Available

Course content has been developed through Security and Access and includes:

5 Modules
81 Objectives
85 Resources
Complete Refresh of All Completed Content
3+ Hours of Unique Video Content
Dozens of New Quiz Questions
Completion and Progression Tracking
Mark and Recall Favorites
Content Updated for Salesforce Lightning

Future Release (Late 2017)

The following will be added and completed course content will include:

All Modules Complete
Refresh of All Content
Hours of Additional Unique Video Content
3 Full Length Practice Exams
Salesforce Lightning Administration Content

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Module Objectives Complete Resources Complete
Getting Started with [progress_bar course=”Admin – Getting Started – Objectives”] [progress_bar course=”Admin – Getting Started – Resources”]

In this module you will learn the following:

  • How to use efficiently to prepare for exam success
  • How to complete and favorite objectives and resources
  • How to leave feedback and post questions on
Overview of [progress_bar course=”Admin – Overview – Objectives”] [progress_bar course=”Admin – Overview – Resources”]

In this module you will learn the following:

  • A brief history of and its product offerings
  • How to navigate and and the setup menu
  • Commonly used terms in the ecosystem
  • Strategies to manage passwords and sessions
  • How to engage with the Salesforce community
Organization Setup [progress_bar course=”Admin – Organization Setup – Objectives”] [progress_bar course=”Admin – Organization Setup – Resource”]

In this module you learn the following:

  • Terminology used throughout organization setup
  • How to configure business hours and holidays
  • How to configure fiscal years
  • How to configure multiple currencies
  • How to enable multiple languages
  • A basic understanding of the translation capabilities of
User Setup [progress_bar course=”Admin – User Setup – Objectives”] [progress_bar course=”Admin – User Setup – Resources”]

In this module you will learn the following:

  • Creation of users and queues
  • The impact of licensing on user actions
  • An overview of the authentication process
  • User localization settings
  • Session, activation, and password management
Security and Access [progress_bar course=”Admin – Security – Objectives”] [progress_bar course=”Admin – Security – Resources”]

In this module you will learn the following:

  • How Salesforce classifies and evaluates security
  • How to determine what permissions are required to complete an action
  • How role, profile, and permission sets influence a user’s access
  • How organization-wide defaults and the role hierarchy influence record access
  • How to use delegated administration to enable power users to complete common administrative tasks

About the Instructor:

My name is John Coppedge and I am the founder and primary contributor to  I have helped people become Salesforce certified since the inception of the certification program.  I was one of the first 500 Salesforce certified in the world and hold many additional certifications.

I have worked with hundreds of organizations from a variety of verticals using Salesforce in different ways, including many of the world’s most sophisticated Salesforce customers (e.g. Fortune 100 and technology companies).  I’ve done this from a variety of roles:

  • Served as the Salesforce implementation lead on large, complex, global deployments
  • Created and taught both administrative and end-user course curriculum to students ranging from novice to senior architect
  • Served as a lead technical sales engineer on closed million+ dollar deals

I love helping people get certified and build amazing careers in this fantastic ecosystem.