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CertifiedOnDemand.com Site Overview

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Objectives for this Resource:

Each course has a list modules; each module has a list of objectives and resources.

Objectives are skills that must be learned or tasks that must be completed.

Resources are videos, articles, and other materials that will help you learn.  Resources can be listed on multiple objectives (you will only need to mark the resource as complete once).

Most actions on CertifiedOnDemand.com can be completed from the module page:

  • Objectives can be completed.
  • Most resources will have a pop-up menu () which will allow you to view and complete the resource.
  • Most video resources will have a play icon () which will allow you to play the video without opening the resource.
  • Most external resources (links outside of CertifiedOnDemand.com) will also have an icon () to open in a new window with one click.

Objectives and resources may be marked complete. Completing an objective will not complete related resources.

Modules are not marked as complete, but instead reflect the percentage of completed objectives and resources within that module.

For example, when complete this objective, you will see the objectives progress bar increase in this module.

A grey CoD icon indicates incomplete; a full color icon indicates complete.

You must be logged in to track your progression.

Use the “Mark Favorite” button on objectives and resources to keep a list of your favorites.

You can recall your favorites by visiting the Favorites page from the top menu: Profile > Favorites.


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