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CertifiedOnDemand.com FAQ

CoD Version 2 (beta.certifiedondemand.com)

CertifiedOnDemand.com Version 2 is a complete overhaul.  A vast array of new features and content will be introduced upon final launch.

Available now (on this site) in beta:

  • Completion: track progress on resources and objectives.
  • Favorites: mark your favorites and come back to them later.
  • New videos: many new videos added and almost all existing videos refreshed.
  • More questions: new questions added to each module.
  • Question linkage: questions are now linked back to relevant objectives.
  • Updated for Lightning Experience: all content refreshed to ensure accuracy within Lightning Experience.
  • Updated outline/format: matches latest changes to exam structure from Salesforce.


Planned (upon site launch):

  • New exams (multiple full-length exams with questions cross-linked to objectives).
  • Lightning-specific administration.


Content through security is complete today.  The rest will be available when the final guide launches.

Only the free content (through Security) has been completed.  The rest will follow with the official release.

This site has not been optimized for performance.  The module pages take the longest to load as there is the most information.  This will be optimized in a future release.

This beta version of CoD has not been fully cross-platform tested.  We recommend using Google Chrome on a desktop (PC/Mac) as that experience is most fully tested.  You may notice problems on mobile devices.

If you have any other problems, please drop a line on the Feedback page.

The goal is to have the complete site launched in 2017, probably towards the end of the year.  This will also include tons of new and refreshed content.

The exact details of the migration to the new version of CoD are not yet finalized. However, this much I can tell you: it makes sense for you to buy CertifiedOnDemand.com today.

When CoD v2 is launched, current paid members of CoD Classic will be either upgraded for free or at a steeply discounted rate.

General Questions

Yes.  Every effort is made to keep this site’s content current.  Each major release of Salesforce is meticulously reviewed to ensure site content reflects changes to the platform.  Minor updates are made based on feedback from the community on an ongoing basis as well.

Please check the course page to see when the last major revision to course content was made.

Anyone preparing for Salesforce certification.  Amazing feedback has come from across the board:

  • Employees of Salesforce.com
  • Employees of various Salesforce partners (Accenture, Deloitte, and many others)
  • Current Salesforce administrators
  • Students preparing to enter the job market
  • Job seekers looking to transition into Salesforce

My name is John Coppedge and I am the founder and primary contributor to CertifiedOnDemand.com.  I have helped people become Salesforce certified since the inception of the certification program.  I was one of the first 500 Salesforce certified in the world and hold many additional certifications.

I have worked with hundreds of organizations from a variety of verticals using Salesforce in different ways, including many of the world’s most sophisticated Salesforce customers (e.g. Fortune 100 and technology companies).  I’ve done this from a variety of roles:

  • Served as the Salesforce implementation lead on large, complex, global deployments
  • Created and taught both administrative and end-user course curriculum to students ranging from novice to senior architect
  • Served as a lead technical sales engineer on closed million+ dollar deals

I love helping people get certified and build amazing careers in this fantastic ecosystem.

No.  When you purchase access to CoD, you are purchasing a named license that is for your use only.  Please respect this policy.  This site is a huge time investment, and your support keeps it going.

Authentication to the site is monitored for abuse (e.g. 5+ concurrent sessions); accounts violating this policy are automatically disabled.

Site content is only available via web browser.  When you purchase access, you have access to the entire guide.  Without a paid account, you will not be able to access much of the site content.

Exam Questions


To be completely honest, you can pass the exam on your own without any paid resources.  But it will take you significantly longer to prepare, your chances of passing will be much lower, and you will likely find that you have knowledge gaps afterward.

The goal of CoD is to give you a very precise framework for learning and exam prep that will make good use of your time and ensure that you’ve retained the relevant materials.

It varies.  For most people, 80-160 hours is a reasonable estimate.

Actual reported figures from CertifiedOnDemand.com range from 40-300 hours (passing on the first attempt).

There are many variables that can impact this: prior experience (Salesforce and/or other IT experience), how thoroughly you learn the material, and so on.

There is generally a delay between when Salesforce releases a new version and when the certification exam is updated to reflect that release.  See below to understand what release of Salesforce you are using today.  When you register for the exam at Webassessor, you will see what release the exam covers by the code of exam. In this example, “SU15” refers to the Summer 15 release.

Once you are logged into Salesforce, you can check the following:

The version (Professional, Enterprise, etc.) of Salesforce is listed on the company information page within setup.

The release (Winter 17, Spring 17, etc.) of Salesforce can be found by selecting a standard application (e.g. Sales) from Salesforce Classic – the version can then be seen by looking at the application image in the top left.

Pricing Questions

To be added with official launch =)

Objectives for this Resource:

Thank you for taking the time to complete this module. Please review these final resources. We welcome your feedback on anything that can be done to improve this content.


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