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Sign Up and Configure Developer Edition

You will need a Salesforce.com environment to practice throughout this guide.  Please follow the steps below to sign up and create your developer edition account.

Important Notes

  • Several steps are specific to CertifiedOnDemand.com, so please do not skip this even if you are familiar with Developer Edition.
  • Please create a new Developer Edition account for use with CertifiedOnDemand.com Version 2.  This is the best way to ensure you’re starting from a clean slate (I would recommend a new org even if you have an existing Developer Edition account that you used with CertifiedOnDemand.com Version 1).
  • Do not practice any component of CertifiedOnDemand.com in your company’s production environment.  This should go without saying =)
  • Using a sandbox for CertifiedOnDemand.com is not recommended as you may have existing configuration in place that could interfere with exercises on CertifiedOnDemand.com.

Exercise Steps

1. Sign Up

Use the following link to register: Developer Edition Sign Up

If you already have a Developer Edition account associated to your email address, you can create a second account by choosing a username that is different from your email address (username does need to be in the format of an eamil address, however).

2. Verify Your Account

Click the verify link sent your email inbox from Salesforce

3. Verify Your Password

4. Navigate to Setup

(If you don’t start on this page)

5. Enable "Administrators Can Log in as Any User"

This will allow you to test multiple user accounts without using separate usernames/passwords.

6. Disable "Force relogin after Login-As-User"

This will allow you to test multiple user accounts without logging in every time.

7. Optional: Update Your Password Policy

If you don’t want your password to expire in your Developer Edition account, you can set passwords to never expire.  This is certainly not recommended for production environments.

Objectives for this Resource:

You will want to create a Developer Edition Salesforce.com account for use throughout this course.

Make sure to complete the post-signup steps included.


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  1. Instructions for creation and setup of developer environment were relatively clear and easy to follow. You may want to add a description on how to use the “Quick Find” box to locate the desired setting.

    Also, there is a typo in the text. In step 1 of the exercise, the word “email” is misspelled

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