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Navigating the Setup Menu and Personal Settings in Salesforce.com

This resource is currently technically accurate but has been marked to receive an update to improve clarity.

Objectives for this Resource:

You can navigate to the setup menu from the top right of the screen, however, the location of the setup link will change based on the user interface and other settings.  Examples:

Once you’re in the setup menu, by far the most efficient way to navigate is to use the setup search bar in the top left.  As you type, you will see only relevant menu options.

Navigation within the setup menu changes based the User Interface (e.g. see Lightning and Classic compared) as well as your configuration.  Be aware that your results will vary accordingly.

If you have enabled Advanced Setup Search, then you can also hit enter to search metadata within Salesforce.

While administrators will spend most of their time in the setup menu, there is a separate configuration menu dedicated to personal user settings.  This menu gives users the ability to update their information, download desktop applications (e.g. Salesforce for Outlook), and update other settings.

This menu is in slightly different locations based on the user interface you are using as well as other settings:


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