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Describe the difference between a Salesforce environment, organization, instance, and pod.

An org is a unique version of Salesforce for a specific tenant, containing their data and configuration (a customer’s implementation of Salesforce).  Org is an abbreviation for organization.  Org, organization, and environment are used interchangeably.  Every org will have a unique ID (found here in setup).

A pod is a cluster of infrastructure (servers, software, networking equipment, etc.) that hosts many orgs.  The terms pod and instance are commonly used interchangeably.  Each pod is located within a geographical area (North America, Europe, Asia Pacific).

You can identify which pod your org is hosted in by checking the address bar of your browser after you’ve logged in (the pod is NA38 in this example).

The region is abbreviated in the naming convention of the pod as follows:

  • NA = North America (Production Orgs)
  • EU = Europe (Production Orgs)
  • AP = Asia Pacific (Production Orgs)
  • CS = Various Regions (Sandbox Orgs Only)

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