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The following is available for use with a free account:

  • All resources and objectives under any free module
  • All external resources (any page not hosted on or created by CertifiedOnDemand.com) in any module

Click Sign Up next to the desired guide and membership level on the sign up page to see the price.

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Prices are generated dynamically based on your membership level during sign up.

Yes.  Team Licensing will be available for the official launch.

When you purchase access, you will immediately have access to all content.  The only exception to this is purchasing more than one license (team licensing), which requires that you contact us to place an order.


For example, if you purchased Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Practice Exams and then upgraded to Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Study Guide, your upgrade fee will be discounted accordingly.

You can upgrade your account only within the same certification.  Downgrading is not possible.

Example of a valid upgrade:
Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Practice Exams –> Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Study Guide

The above upgrade is allowed as this is a) an increase in account level (downgrading is not possible) and b) the upgrade is within the same certification.

Example of invalid upgrade:
Salesforce.com Certified Administrator Practice Exams –> Salesforce.com Certified App Builder Study Guide

The above upgrade is not allowed, as the upgrade must be within the same certification type.

Refunds are only offered for special circumstances.

Why?  This site is structured to allow you to access much of its content for free so that you know exactly what you’re purchasing.

The price of a guide is based on a few factors, including:

  1. The retake fee for the certification, as established by Salesforce.
  2. The maturity of the CertifiedOnDemand.com content.
  3. Your membership level (in the case of a pro-rated upgrade).

Without a paid membership, much of the site content is not visible.

If you see the message “Please login or upgrade to view.” then this is content that is not accessible without the corresponding type of account.