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Hi, John,
I’ve been a Salesforce Administrator since 2011 but never felt the need to get certified.  My boss this year told me that he wanted me to get certified, and a colleague told me about your site.  I researched it and thought it was a very nicely structured study guide.  I spent several Sundays going through the material, but ended up “cramming” the last sections I didn’t get to.  I know reporting, so I skimmed that – same thing with a couple of other topics (chatter, content)…  I did pass my exam on the first try but I had the most trouble with the sections that I skimmed, relying on just my knowledge from working with it.  I summed it up to “I know what you CAN do, but your guide helped round that knowledge out with what you CAN’T do.  Make sense?  Thank you SO MUCH for putting this together.  I would have been super embarrassed to fail my certification after doing it for so long!!