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Salesforce.com Fiscal Year Configuration

Objectives for this Resource:

If your company has a fiscal year that does not match the standard calendar year (for example, Salesforce.com’s fiscal year starts in February), then you will want to configure fiscal years so that forecasting, quotas, and reporting align.

For example, selecting a date filter ‘Current FY’ on an opportunity report is influenced by fiscal year configuration (whereas calendar year and calendar quarter are not).

Changing fiscal year configuration can result in data loss.

Standard fiscal years have 4 quarters, 3 months per quarter; the administrator can configure the start or end month of a standard fiscal year.

Custom fiscal years allow fiscal quarters to be determined by week, instead of by month; custom fiscal years should only be used when standard fiscal years are inadequate.

Once enabled, custom fiscal years cannot be disabled. Custom fiscal years have fairly significant implications for developers and AppExchange package compatability; make sure they are truly needed before enabling.


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